GP and Nurse Practitioner Appointments

All GP and nurse practitioner appointments are only bookable on the day (not pre-bookable) for core surgery hours. Our Nurse Practitioner Team assist with early morning appointments and Tuesday evening appointments and these can be pre-booked. The scheme does not affect practice nurse and healthcare assistant appointments, which will remain pre-bookable.

The nurse practitioners can help with all patient problems and are able to issue prescriptions. Please do not make an appointment with the nurse practitioners for booster injections, smoking cessation advice, blood tests or dressings etc. These are matters that the nurse team will attend to. If you have a urinary tract infection, please see our UTI procedure.

Nurse and Health Care Assistant Appointments

How to Request an Appointment with a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner

You can request an appointment with a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner by completing a ‘I want help for a medical issue’ form on AccuRx. Once we have received the request this will be assessed and assigned to the best person to help you with your concern.

Please ensure you check your email / text messages regularly for our response.

Routine Practice Nurse and Health Care Assistant Appointments

Routine appointments are usually booked or arranged in advance. You can request an appointment with a Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant by completing the ‘I want help for a medical issue’ form. When completing the form please include the reason for your request to ensure we allocate the correct amount of time and a Practice Nurse / Health Care Assistant that is able to help you

Practice Nurses and Health Care Assistants other a variety of services such as;

  • Blood pressure checks
  • Blood tests
  • Cervical screening
  • Contraceptive pill review
  • Dressings
  • NHS Health Checks
  • Vaccinations including travel
  • And more…

Home Visits

How to request a Home Visit

The best way to request a visit at home is to contact the surgery by telephone on 01502 572368 before 10 am and our Reception Team will take the details. Please only ask for a home visit if you are too ill to attend surgery, and remember that a Doctor can see 3-4 patients at the surgery in the time it take to make 1 home visit.

Please note that all Home Visits are triaged by our Same Day Team GP and you may be contacted by phone initially in order to prioritise visit requests and to decide whether a visit is appropriate. In an emergency, requests for home visits will be accepted at any time of the day but will be triaged in the same way


If you subsequently decide that you no longer require an appointment, please ensure that it is cancelled to enable the time to be offered to someone else. Several hours are lost each week due to non-cancellation.